Baking is Vegetarian

You know what doesn’t have meat in it?

This whole being more vegetarian thing really isn’t taking too bad of a toll so far! I can with confidence give up all pig product at the moment (for me this just involved eliminating ham and bacon) as it seems to have the largest environmental impact and negative impact on the animals involved. Beef seems to be the most ethical meat overall but I still think a couple times a week for any meat product is a good goal for me.

These are Jon’s tacos from last night.

Black beans AND ground beef to keep Jon from sneaking out to McDonald’s (seriously, if you were craving meat wouldn’t you do something more awesome?). I would’ve taken pictures of my black bean only ones but I ate them too fast. Very tasty.

Tonight is a compromise as well. Panzanella with and without shrimp, his and hers. What can I say? I just can’t get enough tomatoes this time of year!


Even though it hit 87 today, I can feel fall creeping in. I will have to mourn the loss of tomatoes and basil, but who’s excited for squash and apples? And sweaters? And soup? I love fall. Love love.

Also love that with my new glasses, I CAN SEE!!

It makes reading On Beauty and The Omnivores Dilemma much more enjoyable. Also, general walking around and, you know, seeing.

Cookie time.


2 responses to “Baking is Vegetarian

  1. Totes love your new glasses! Super cute!

  2. Thanks dear! I can see!!

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