Lazy Sunday

This humidity is killing me slowly.

On to less sticky notes…

Friday night’s dinner was much more appealing to me than to Jon but, he tolerates me well.

Yep, that’s tofu people. I pan fried it and added it to Gourmet’s Peanut Sesame noodles and I thought it was delightful! Much different from my take on it as a 5 year old. Good thing I “occasionally” try things a second time right?

Yesterday’s run was, well, sweaty but at least it happened. Followed by another epic barbeque. I made Flour’s chocolate chip cookies (still struggling with the SilPat for texture…) which were yummy. The black bean burger was delicious again even though it did fall apart, but with a cashed keg and…45 other beers, I’d consider it a success. It’s like being an undergrad all over again. Except just on weekends. It’s nice to forget about work and money and training and things like that for a couple days. Heavy drinking and yoga have a similar effect on my state of relaxation.

Our trip to Whole Foods today was way too exciting to me to be considered a healthy food obsession. There are just so many options and ways to eat and more importantly, ways to eat healthier and more ethically. They have an animal welfare rating on each type of meat that I really hope isn’t complete bs. I know they don’t use antibiotics or anything but it’s nice to hold on to the shiny ray of hope that says that their animals really do have more space and are treated more humanely. I want my one or two meals a week to be consumed with a clear conscience. I want those two split, bone in chicken breasts that I prepare with my mom’s recipe to remind me of home and hope that the particular chicken that I’m eating had enough space and light to have a decent life before it was sacrificed so that I could have pleasure in eating it. I don’t think it’s so wrong to eat animals, humans have done it since the beginning of time, but I also think as an American in an extremely urban environment with access to so many kinds of other food and knowledge of what I can eat and be healthy, I should choose wisely. So when I choose meat, I’m going to make it count, and spend the time and money to seek out ethical options.

Zadee Smith’s On Beauty was a bit of a slow start but I’m really enjoying it now. The Omnivores Dilemma is a different kind of enjoyment but, being the perpetual student, I’m learning a lot from it.


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