My life in so many words.

Even though Lucy likes to sit under my feet


, there’s now risotto on my plate (it’s cold outside!), lemon cookies waiting to be glazed, and pizza dough rising, so, it’s time for a post.

Falafel was made, black bean tacos were made, all the standbys that I love when I don’t have the patience to look for new recipes.

Runs were run.

Books were read.

Some sleep was had.

And the new kitten was played with (she’s trying to eat my risotto).

The best part about cooking tonight is that it’s event cooking, and I LOVE cooking for events! First year students are officially here, and they need to be pot lucked! What’s a better introduction to grad school for these wide eyed kids than BAKING!? Gotta let them know we have a life too (yes, I referred to making cookies as having a life). Also tomorrow night, go Packers!!!! What says the start to football season like pizzas? I’m thinking margherita (because it’s my fave and it’s veg), and pepperoni and onion. Eventually I will stop the cat obsession and make something new. Promise.

Until then, get yourself a Lindt, touch of sea salt dark chocolate bar. Trust me.


2 responses to “My life in so many words.

  1. I can’t wait to be in Boston next month! Maybe we can cook together? It’s going to be the week after my birthday so we could do a little bday feast together?

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