All I can say about my vegetarian journey is that it’s a process. I am cooking a lot less meat, and when I cook it, I’ve found that there are plenty of places to get grass fed beef! Chicken is harder, turkey is nearly impossible (besides Applegate Farms lunchmeat) and pork, being something that is absolutely the worst for the environment and possibly the cruelest to the animal, pork is out. The hardest part of that has been bacon and pepperoni! Anyways, these are my latest vegetarian adventures.

Quality Ingredients

+ a cute apron

=spectacular eggplant parmesan

I am so glad that I didn’t let the 2 hour preparation scare me out of making this delectable dish. Some of the best things, like Mama’s brisket recipe, take 2+ hours.

On the other hand, there’s this.

Fall is here.

The absolute best part about this is that that super unnatural looking cheesy color is nothing unnatural at all! It’s butternut squash! Thank you to Kathleen and Rachael Ray for bringing this into my life. And even with the world’s least helpful sous chef (who insists on watching if there’s anything boiling at all)

This is for me, right?

this recipe is a piece of cake.

In less vegetarian news, well, there was the brisket, and then chipotle lime grilled chicken thighs from Gourmet. And I’m sorry to sound like a snob, but organic chicken just tastes better. You’ll have to trust me because my food blogger photographs have been outweighed by my half marathon training appetite.

Generally life is excellent. Science is working, Cutting for Stone is a great book so far, running is going well, 2 fall half marathon’s coming up, and I always get excited when school starts again, even though I’m not in class :). I’m a dork like that. The chill in the air means one thing to my tomorrow morning…pumpkin spice lattes, it’s been too long :).


2 responses to “Pseudovegetarian

  1. Steve buys a product called Fakin Bacon and is a tempeh product. He heats it in a pan and adds it to sandwiches. We also like Field Roast sausages they really help.

  2. We are both flexitarians. Love it.

    I will be in Boston in about a month. Double love it!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

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