I must have one of the shortest attention spans of anyone in the world. Anyone I know. Ok, at least anyone in my PhD program. I can literally only stay focused unless my livelihood depends on it, like work. And even that involves massive amounts of caffeine.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

My first October half marathon is tomorrow (I haven’t run since last Friday) and I’m really looking forward to running with Kathleen! I feel like a carbo cram is in order, or maybe I just really wanted those peanut butter m&m’s. I do plan on some spaghetti too, and maybe a vegetable!

I will start cooking again, it’s so nice that it’s cooling off and weather isn’t really a great excuse for being a terrible blogger, but I just keep making the same things! Panzanella, orechiette and organic chicken sausage, glazed lemon cookies, and eating lots and lots of Fage yogurt. Boring, I know. But I’m reading a good book! And Parks and Rec is back on tv! Things are going right in the world!


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