What happens when food bloggers unite

Jess Vogel, I am still in a food coma. It might be because I’m still eating.

What do you do after a 90 minute hot yoga class? You eat! But I ate enough brisket at lunch at Zaftig’s yesterday to ensure that I didn’t eat again until 11 today. And when I did…

This soup is fall in a bowl. I’m sad that it’s gone, and will definitely make it again soon.

Until then, to fulfill my fall cravings…it’s football Sunday!

This chili is fantastic. Tomatoey, spicy, warm, and served with Joanne Chang’s double corn corn bread with thyme, it is heaven in a bowl.

I also made oatmeal raisin cookies that I cannot explain to you what happened. They’re huge, they’re thin, they’re crispy like a cracker…I do not understand. But I will eat them.

As far as exercise goes, I plan on using this next month to really get into a lot of yoga classes and work out some kinks before I start training again. All those little twinges in the muscles that you can ignore for “one more week”, well, it’s time. My goal is to be able to foam roller my IT band by the end of November. Without crying.


One response to “What happens when food bloggers unite

  1. Omg. I ate so much last night AND today. Last night we ordered pizza, ate ice cream, and drank beer. Today….chowder AND a cannoli. Oy. I need to go for a run and eat a salad.

    Thanks so much for hanging out with me yesterday. I had a blast! Hopefully we will do it again soon!

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