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Black Friday

Thanksgiving was a raving success!

Great Food...

I made the turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and Stovetop 🙂

Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin

Great company...

Great game, an all around great day. Lucy was a delight and has barely opened her little kitten eyes all day!

To fight post-holiday blues, I went grocery shopping this morning. Real food simply isn’t as much fun but these horseradish roast beef cheddar paninis were delicious.

The three of us also took a nap and set up our Christmas tree!

It's that time!

Well, in all fairness, Lucy just chewed on the branches and then went back to sleep.

All around it’s been a great weekend so far, I’ve really enjoyed 2 days off in a row! Unfortunately tomorrow’s 8 hour time point in lab is going to ruin my Saturday but maybe I can home home in between and bake cookies or something!



It’s almost Thanksgiving! There’s a chill in the air (finally) and the day of food indulgence approaches.

Before that though, I have been baking up a veritable crapstorm of desserts. I made a gingerbread cake from the Flour cookbook as a sad parting gift for Shakun.

The spice is out of this world

Her thesis defense party merited a chocolate cake with caramel frosting and a yellow cake with lemon frosting, both from Real Simple’s May issue I believe. After those disappeared, I made Jon’s birthday cake from Martha Stewart’s Boston Cream Pie recipe. It is fantastic.

Although now there is a cake in my apartment 3 days before Thanksgiving.

As far as real cooking goes, I’ve made Jenna’s white chicken chili twice since the last Packer game (last Monday).


It is the perfect blend of creamy and spicy and is just as good with milk as with half and half. The old fall backs of Thai lettuce wraps and butternut squash mac and cheese have made come backs and a red onion and mozzarella pizza on whole wheat crust made quite an impression. Some tacos, and lots of takeout :/. Fortunately there is a fantastic Indian restaurant and about 1000 great Thai places around. This time of year all I feel like cooking is desserts!

Which is why I love Thanksgiving.


Although I think guests would be disappointed if there weren’t also a turkey.

It’s November?

It’s been awhile!

There’s been a lot of cooking

BBQ chicken, coleslaw, and homemade bread. Mmm mmm

just not a lot of innovation. Until yesterday.

My schedule has taken a drastic shift towards the wee morning hours. I don’t know what came first, the going to bed at 9:30, or the waking up at 5:30, but either way, that’s my reality at the moment. I’m enjoying the time in lab alone in the morning (blogging while samples thaw as we speak) and especially enjoying leaving around 3:30 and not feeling bad about it. I like a nice open afternoon to draw, relax, and make this

Basically this cake should just be called "Fall is wonderful"

This is Joanne Chang’s Apple Snacking Cake. With very little actual batter, it is full of nuts, apples, and raisins. Spicy, warm, everything you want in a nice fall snack. Or breakfast. Or dessert. I have a feeling it will be all of these things today.

And it was followed by these

Spinach parmesan turkey sliders

These mini meatball burger sandwichey things were scrumptious. Made with random things I grabbed out of the fridge and freezer, I need to write it down!


Other things I love about fall

Beautiful hiking weather

wearing socks in my apartment,

Baking without sweating

Pumpkin desserts

The Packers!

and soon, the crunch of leaves beneath my running shoes. (As soon as I, you know, make myself go out)

Also very much looking forward to hosting my very first Thanksgiving dinner! 6 people, 3 pies…how could this be anything but awesome?

We’re also going to have homemade bread and cranberry sauce, potatoes and stuffing, green bean casserole, snickers salad, and obviously turkey. And more obviously, alcohol and football.