Black Friday

Thanksgiving was a raving success!

Great Food...

I made the turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and Stovetop 🙂

Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin

Great company...

Great game, an all around great day. Lucy was a delight and has barely opened her little kitten eyes all day!

To fight post-holiday blues, I went grocery shopping this morning. Real food simply isn’t as much fun but these horseradish roast beef cheddar paninis were delicious.

The three of us also took a nap and set up our Christmas tree!

It's that time!

Well, in all fairness, Lucy just chewed on the branches and then went back to sleep.

All around it’s been a great weekend so far, I’ve really enjoyed 2 days off in a row! Unfortunately tomorrow’s 8 hour time point in lab is going to ruin my Saturday but maybe I can home home in between and bake cookies or something!


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