Bad blogger

This is shameful.

It’s been over a month and I swear I’ve been doing stuff! Cooking and running and baking and knitting, but somehow writing got swept under the rug.

Currently I am training for a February 26th and a March 25th Half Marathon. “training”.

I knitted this

and this

and a surprise scarf for Sandy that I can’t show.

I baked dozens and dozens of cookies… (bisotti, Jenna’s Peppermint Mocha cookies, Real Simple’s glazed lemon cookies) for the holidays.

Introduced my family to Jenna’s Creamy White Chicken Chili, and her Buffalo Chicken Dip, she’s my idol.

The best I can do is apologize for the gap and promise to be better. And share some recipes 🙂

Asian Chicken Salad

This is just the marinade from the Rice Noodle Salad on chicken, grilled, and sliced over red leaf lettuce with a ginger soy salad dressing. Mmm mm nothing like a little summer in January.

Ham Spinach and Potato frittata

This might be my favorite frittata so far! Real Simple recipes make my life to much easier. Full of flavor and relatively low calorie!

-Jon’s made this twice and it is really delightful.
We’ve also been eating a LOT of chili because, you know, football.
Anyways, I promise to be better!

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