A bored husband makes for culinary flexibility

You know what’s great about Jon not being licensed and working until July? Admittedly for him, probably not much. The novelty of relaxation wears off quickly. But for me, man is it awesome.

Not only do I get to see him as much as I want after a 3 month break, I get to do things like, deciding we should have something for dinner that requires a 2 hour marinade, and I can decide this at 2pm. Jenna’s tequila lime chicken  on the tasty kitchen blog made for really delicious tacos with some guacamole, tomatoes, cilantro, mm mmmm

So fresh!

The only thing I would change is to maybe add a bit of honey to the marinade. I like the mix of flavor and I think it would’ve cut the tanginess a little bit.

It’s probably not shocking but it’s still quite enjoyable how much better I feel since I’ve been cooking. No actual weight loss but everything fits better, my energy is back up, I’m sleeping better. Even eating healthy things when you’re out (like I ever do that, but still), doesn’t change the fact that you can’t know everything that’s in it. And since I think that some preservatives and fresheners are what give me fairly frequent stomach aches, it’s nice to return to home cooking. That is, until I revisit Myers+Chang on Saturday 🙂


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