Summer food

When I was at home this past weekend for my dear friends Lori and Craig’s wedding

The lovely couple

my mom handed me an extra copy of Eating Well magazine. I scoffed, shoved it in my duffel bag, and remembered it only when the baby behind me on my 7:30 am flight wouldn’t stop kicking my seat, making napping impossible. Flipping through the pages of the top recipes from the last 10 years, I found myself surprised that a) everything sounded quite delicious and b) the ingredients aren’t much different from what I normally cook with. Aside from those that revolve around puff pastry, or the occasional baked good, my favorite recipes focus on flavor. I know this is the same thing that everyone who wants you to eat healthy says but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Oven “fried” chicken

Apparently my mom’s recipe for this chicken only had it’s health factor invalidated by the fact that I read “skinned” and thought that meant to leave it on….Obviously the faux skin created by these recipes only works if you actually remove the real skin. Anyways, with some oven fries and broccoli slaw, maybe it’s not the healthiest meal, but it sure was delicious!

Then, rather than inhaling cheese and crackers on Wednesday, I decided to try one of the appetizers in this top 10 recipe article.

So much flavor

All of the fresh produce in this dip makes it a perfect hot summer day snack. And did you know you can broil an eggplant in your toaster oven? This frees up your 400 degree oven for toasting up some leftover pitas brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. 5-6 minutes and they’re the perfect vehicle for this tasty dip.

The no cook recipe section on the website is perfect for these hot summer days and this sandwich was delightful. I guess I should be less judgmental 🙂

But enough of healthy eating, after today’s food truck lunch (relatively healthy), Jon and I are going to Barbara Lynch’s No.9 park and I am super excited about it. Will update later


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