It has been an extraordinarily rough 2013. A lot of loss and disappointment to start off the year but things are turning around and it’s time to get back to real life. And cooking. I have mainly been cooking existing, comforting recipes in the last 6 months but am ready to start trying new things! We have moved to an immediate Boston suburb that I’m sure you all have heard of in the news. We moved to Watertown, Mass approximately 1 month before the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent terrorist apprehension. So, welcome to the neighborhood…The gigantic upside is the full sized kitchen with its full sized appliances.


I can cook full sized meals without cleaning up everything every 5 minutes! Outdoor space has been great for summer grilling, outdoor gatherings, and for taking the kitty outside.


Besides food I’ve been running a bit (less so since an April 7 half), and crafting a lot. I made this granny square blanket (that because of the particularly painful task of weaving ends in is as yet incomplete),


A couple baby bear hats for coworkers and friends upcoming babies,  and some makeup brush rolls since my wonderful mother bought a sewing machine for me!


So, that’s a mini catch-up and now it’s time to start a recipe pile of new stuff!


One response to “Back

  1. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for new recipes!!

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