I feel that blogging about what I’m cooking makes me more conscious of what I’m eating. Sort of a “don’t admit to the people who are actually reading this that you made Kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner”. So on that note, after a very long walk around our hilly neighborhood for exercise, I made my mom’s oven fried chicken for dinner last night. That is one of those dishes that makes you feel like you’re back home. But after spending an ungodly amount of money at Whole Foods on meat this weekend, I decided that it might be time for a turn back to some more vegetarian options. Because that makes sense right? So tonight, a pinterest recipe from for Greek Tortellini Salad. Butttttt because I’m a child and hate olives, and also cucumbers, its more of a tomato and cheese tortellini salad with a great dressing. Either way, it’s a nice fresh, vegetable-less dinner on a cold, rainy, not-June evening. An evening made for knitting….hmmmmmmmmm


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