baby hates food?

For the life of me I cannot make myself cook. All I want to eat is Cheetos and fruit so my meals have been mainly suggested and sometimes cooked by my dear husband. I currently hate most vegetables, none of my baking projects are turning out right (humidity? oven?) and I don’t want meat unless it’s fried chicken. Despite these terrible sounding eating habits and a lack of running, I have not yet turned into a giant balloon of pregnancy. Maybe it’s the walking, or the low general appetite, but either way, I’m sure it’s coming. 

Name of the blog aside, my main concerns and activities have revolved around frantic lab work and lots of crafty projects. I just had my paper accepted into Molecular Biology of the Cell, freeing me up to schedule a thesis defense and finish up 5 years of hard work and stress. This is both exciting and terrifying. I’m looking at about 2 months between defending my thesis (ending working), and having this baby. What the hell am I going to do with 2 months? I haven’t had that kind of uninterrupted, no school no work time in about 12 years and I will admit that I’m terrified. I apologize to anyone who thinks this sounds amazing but it will be very, VERY weird. How many baby blankets/hats/mittens can I knit? How many times can I reorganize a room? My mom has told me that I should be reading. Not pregnancy books, but novels. Before I transition into only books with pictures. 


And who knows? Maybe I’ll want to cook again. Or my baking skills will return…


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