This is where this weekend started…

IMG_3617But after quite a bit of perusing, I went back to my favorite recipe sources. eatliverun, smitten kitchen, and the cookbook full of my mom’s recipe. I thought that this recipe for chicken tortilla soup looked fantastic, my mom’s unfried chicken recipe sounded comforting and yummy and a recipe from smitten kitchen for sausage-stuffed potatoes seemed like a fun thing to try with sweet potatoes. I didn’t sense the “chicken every night” problem until I was already home from a glorious solo run to Trader Joe’s this morning. The stuffed potatoes might have to wait until next week and maybe this week can mix in a good grilled cheese or these cute little cups that I know are for brunch, but don’t care. All of these meals are generally accompanied by a large salad of spring greens and romaine with carrots and tomatoes because, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously, I hate sooooo many vegetables. Tonight though, mom’s chicken was served with steamed green beans and take and bake ciabatta. And by “served”, I mean we walked our individual butts into the kitchen to get the chicken off of the tray, the beans out of the steamer bag, and the bread off of the cutting board. To drag it back into the living room to watch hockey while playing “put the binki back in the mouth” of the fussing, dry, full, otherwise entertained baby. Fun stuff.

Roasting chicken, the reason there is no "roasted chicken" is that we ate it.

Roasting chicken, the reason there is no “roasted chicken” is that we ate it. Well, most of it.

Yesterday I took my first trip to BJ’s with Crystal. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a wholesale membership store like Sam’s Club or Costco. After getting a dozen and a half eggs, I enlisted Kathleen’s help and asked her how she made frittatas in a muffin tin. I will write up what I did more formally but basically it was 7 eggs, a hearty splash of milk, 4 slices of bacon, probably only 1/8 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, a small yellow onion and an estimated 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes and this yielded 12 adorable little frittatas.

IMG_3641I had one as a snack today (the waking up at 7, feeding the baby, and bolting to shop before stuff got “Sunday crazy”, didn’t leave time for breakfast, just an iced latte at the Target Starbucks), and it was delightful!

To make room for the giant box of turkey sausage that I bought, I cleared out some frozen bananas and made 2 loaves of Flour banana bread, original recipe. I’ll freeze one but one will be nice in the mornings alongside a little fritatta.

Mmm banana-y

Mmm banana-y

The side story here involves bringing in the toilet paper from the shopping trip. Lucy cat always makes a half assed attempt for the door when you’re coming and going, but rarely does she actually try hard enough to get out. In the warmer months we do take her outside,

Outdoor kitty...on a leash...

Outdoor kitty…on a leash…

especially nice for brushing her and clipping her nails, but in the winter, not so much. Today, she got out. The best part is, I didn’t realize that she got out. So the part where she normally chills on the porch for a minute and sees what I’ll do, I missed that part, and she left. So an hour later, when I realized that there was an unperturbed ball of tape on the floor that I’d removed from a box that I broke down, I knew something was wrong. I shook her container of treats, checked all of her hiding spots,

In the curtains

In the curtains

In coats

In coats


Under the covers

Under the covers

and nothing. Fortunately, I went outside, called her, and there she was alongside the house, hesitant to cross the snow to get to me.

I want my brain back.


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