Growth Spurts

So,  I should probably look up the timing of these growth spurt things so that I don’t get so overwhelmed and surprised when it happens. Then I can prepare by stocking up on Trader Joe’s sea salt and chocolate almonds. Oh and also be a better mother by skipping the confusion period and jumping straight to the acceptance that this will be my life for a couple days…

photo-2a baby that can’t be set down, who develops a temporary but intense stranger anxiety, eats constantly, and only sleeps on mama. At least this nursing pillow arrived so that if I plan it well before the next feeding, I have my hands free to do something like crochet or peruse the new Real Simple.

Anyway, last week, when I said I was going to make those smitten kitchen sausage stuffed potatoes that looked so delightful, well, there were a lot of different cooking steps and temperatures and blah blah blah. It just morphed along as I cooked it and ended up being a spinach, onion and sausage stuffing in a sweet potato. It was almost the filling from the spinach sausage pastry squares that I love so much. I always use precooked italian chicken sausage for those and did for this as well. This would be better if I either used a regular potato with the italian sausage or the sweet potato with a differently seasoned sausage. But basically sautéed onion and chopped up chicken sausage links and added 5oz of frozen spinach with the moisture squeezed out and then added this to a sweet potato that was hollowed out after being softened for about 5 minutes in the microwave.

photo-3Baked the whole thing at 400 for about 15 minutes and then devoured it with a nice green salad. Since then we’ve had Rachael Ray’s butternut squash macaroni and cheese (Crystal reminded me of the recipe), and ordered a pizza :). But tonight, I’ll post if it’s delicious, but another Rachael Ray recipe for “Aussie Meat Pies” that involve puff pastry and ground beef so, how can it not be? Apparently I don’t care about losing this last 10 lbs.

On a separate, totally unrelated note…does anyone understand this long pointed nails trend that I’m seeing around? I hate it. Everyone looks like a witch. I hope it’s a trend that sticks to the Kardashian-osphere.




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