When life gives you lemons…

Today, Trader Joe’s was out of individual lemons. Personally, looking at the bags of 6-7 tiny lemons, I saw opportunity. It’s not like when Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell individual jalapeños. That’s just silly. 

Anyway, needing one lemon’s worth of zest to make panko crusted chicken tenders, I found myself with a surplus. A surplus, a husband who doesn’t work Mondays, and a rare 80ish degree day in July in Boston. That sounds like a perfect storm of baking.

Lemony deliciousness

Lemony deliciousness

I haven’t baked in quite some time, and I honestly don’t know if I love lemon more than chocolate. It is a very real battle for my soul. But Jenna’s lemon bars from eatliverun have a special place in my heart. They are one of my all-time favorite desserts, right up there with the glazed lemon cookies and the sea salt fudge brownies

The weather is beautiful, the baby is sleeping hard after a happy day of playing, and the smell of lemons is pretty stuck in my hands. Life is good.


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