Cooler weather

Back in the swing of cooking, what a cyclical thing this is. However, it’s not random, it’s based solely on weather. When it’s cool, I cook, when it’s disgusting, I hope that Jon asks if I’d like him to get Subway on the way home.

Jenna’s vegetable fried rice….where do I begin? You guys probably know at this point that I tend to be someone who needs to be tricked into eating vegetables. I tend to like ones that not everyone enjoys, like brussels sprouts and more recently, kale. And then a lot of peoples standbys don’t do it for me. I don’t like bell peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, fennel. etc. Anyway, this recipe is a great vegetarian option to mix in during the week and the only thing I changed was more egg for protein. It was, delicious. I didn’t even get a picture because, frankly, we ate it all in about 6.2 minutes.

Then, looking for a new way to cook tilapia in the summer that didn’t involve pan frying over a hot stove (our 3 window units are placed in such a way that no breath of cool air ever touches that kitchen), i found a recipe for baking it and then promptly lost it. Regardless, I mainly used it for time/temp so I will post what I did because it was delightful. It made a really nice lemon/butter sauce that was great for soaking up with ciabatta fresh out of the oven and a caprese salad with basil from our still growing plant.

And then tonight…this weekend was crazy. A family member passed away last week, the baby was sick during everything around the funeral/is sick now, my dad was in town, and in all of the chaos, no menu was planned, no groceries were purchased. Jon refers to these dinners as “Chopped” dinners. Where I look in the pantry, do a quick google, and try to figure out what the h*&^ I can make with what we’ve got. Tonight, we lucked out.

In the words of Parks and Rec, "Start drooling fatties" Just kidding :)

       In the words of Parks and Rec,
           “Start drooling fatties”
                     Just kidding 🙂

There were all of the ingredients to try my hand at a bolognese. Except celery. But who needs celery, really…

I used the Pioneer woman’s recipe because it looked like a perfect combination of complicated enough to be good and not so complicated that 4 hours later, we don’t have dinner…Modifications, I used white wine because I had it, diced instead of whole tomatoes, yellow onions instead of red, 2% milk and half and half, and the whole recipe was halved because if we make 2 lbs of ground beef, we shall eat 2 pounds of ground beef. I wish I had a more special pasta to put underneath there but, penne sufficed, and yes that is kale peeking out from underneath the pasta. Gotta get those greens.

It is sooo good. We each had 2 servings (it’s ok,(for me) training started this week). I don’t think that the modifications took anything away. If I had red wine next time, I’d use it. I thought a red onion would’ve been weird here? But who am I?




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