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Growth Spurts

So,  I should probably look up the timing of these growth spurt things so that I don’t get so overwhelmed and surprised when it happens. Then I can prepare by stocking up on Trader Joe’s sea salt and chocolate almonds. Oh and also be a better mother by skipping the confusion period and jumping straight to the acceptance that this will be my life for a couple days…

photo-2a baby that can’t be set down, who develops a temporary but intense stranger anxiety, eats constantly, and only sleeps on mama. At least this nursing pillow arrived so that if I plan it well before the next feeding, I have my hands free to do something like crochet or peruse the new Real Simple.

Anyway, last week, when I said I was going to make those smitten kitchen sausage stuffed potatoes that looked so delightful, well, there were a lot of different cooking steps and temperatures and blah blah blah. It just morphed along as I cooked it and ended up being a spinach, onion and sausage stuffing in a sweet potato. It was almost the filling from the spinach sausage pastry squares that I love so much. I always use precooked italian chicken sausage for those and did for this as well. This would be better if I either used a regular potato with the italian sausage or the sweet potato with a differently seasoned sausage. But basically sautéed onion and chopped up chicken sausage links and added 5oz of frozen spinach with the moisture squeezed out and then added this to a sweet potato that was hollowed out after being softened for about 5 minutes in the microwave.

photo-3Baked the whole thing at 400 for about 15 minutes and then devoured it with a nice green salad. Since then we’ve had Rachael Ray’s butternut squash macaroni and cheese (Crystal reminded me of the recipe), and ordered a pizza :). But tonight, I’ll post if it’s delicious, but another Rachael Ray recipe for “Aussie Meat Pies” that involve puff pastry and ground beef so, how can it not be? Apparently I don’t care about losing this last 10 lbs.

On a separate, totally unrelated note…does anyone understand this long pointed nails trend that I’m seeing around? I hate it. Everyone looks like a witch. I hope it’s a trend that sticks to the Kardashian-osphere.




A day in the life of…

Well Holy Crap. It’s 11 am and Miss Amelia has already had 2 costume changes. We’ve had to strip the changing pad and soaked through a burp cloth, the tree branch cutter people are parked directly in front of the house making a TON of barely nap-able noise, the upstairs neighbor has come in and out twice, slamming the door and yelling both times, I spilled an ENTIRE cup of french-press brewed Starbucks Espresso Roast ALL OVER the arm of the couch, my kindle, the side table, the carpet, the wall, and a good chunk of a power strip that fortunately, has things plugged into every slot because this 1920’s house has one freaking outlet per room. Now, I have 2 major problems (aside from a tired baby). 1) There was coffee everywhere that I’m sure I only think is cleaned up all the way and 2) I have to make it through today on one cup of coffee. Or wash the french press…

So, after that rant… I made a dinner I was pretty pleased with last night. I think it could be improved but I was inspired by the Eatingwell recipe that I posted the other day for hash brown/prosciutto cups with baked eggs and modified it to make a prosciutto hash with over easy eggs on top. I just sauteed an onion and then added a couple cups of frozen hash brown and got them sort of crispy, then added 4oz of prosciutto cut in slices and crisped that.


I fried the eggs separately and added them on top at the end.

IMG_3663Ways it could’ve been improved….I always stir my hash browns too much and don’t let them crisp enough. I think shredded carrot would’ve been really yummy with the potatoes. I overcooked the eggs and they didn’t get all runny (the second batch, after I actually burned the first one). I also bought chives and forgot to add them. But overall, it was a very satisfying, quick dinner after I got home from tutoring. I’m looking forward to the leftovers for lunch.


It seems like a chocolate kind of day.



Where’s the snow?

I really don’t understand why it’s raining. Why it’s 61 degrees on December 6th. Why there’s a Christmas tree in my living room when I can wear shorts to run.

Anyways, I’m pretending it’s winter.

I’m squirreling away cookies and cookie dough in my freezer like it’s my job. (Which it’s not, I haven’t forgotten about this real job and the very real committee meeting coming up in January).

I’m attending holiday parties (in horrifyingly festive sweatshirts).

I’m curling up on the couch reading my kindle (instead of reading the stack of papers currently in my excellent wicker basket).

Lucy is playing dreidel, flights to go home are booked, presents are purchased…WHY IS IT RAINING!?


Real Simple’s pot roast was really too easy to be so good. Have I mentioned how much I love my slow cooker?

This magazine, 99% of the time stands by its name and produces recipes that are easy to create and excellent to eat. Flavorful and hearty.

The lime and soy-glazed chicken from October’s issue was also awesomely simple and a seriously modified slaw made for a balanced dinner.

And David Lebovitz’s recipe turned leftover dulce de leche into a fudgey, need to go running immediately kind of brownie.

Mindy Kaling’s book was really funny and then, on an opposite note, I started Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale yesterday. Very weird and intense but I am loving it.

And as a parting note, here’s hoping that tomorrow’s sports massage takes care of this, the third month of the unstretchable knot in my hamstring. It is really ruining my ability to run hills and wear flats.