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Feeding the baby real food has forced me to acknowledge that I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. How can I feed her almost exclusively fruits and vegetables, tell her she’s had enough cheese toast and to eat more peas, and then turn around and eat a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips?

The solution…When she eats, I eat. This involves a lot of sharing. Also, kale under everything is a really good way to add vegetables and a nice flavor to a lot of dishes (think soups, pastas, sauces, etc). Sautéed kale is pretty good on a sandwich too.

So this looked like someone else’s fridge after my trip to Trader Joe’s, and that bag of kale is GONE.

Look at all those vitamins!

Look at all those vitamins!

And in addition to this crap that I got at Russo’s (crap being the best damn sourdough bread on the planet, a baguette, and chocolate cayenne cookies)

Delicious crap I might add.

Delicious crap I might add.

I also got a bunch of kale, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, a mango, and avocado, lemons, limes, and another basil plant. Not because I killed mine, but because I need more basil.

These ingredients made a fabulous panzanella (sans shrimp) last night.




Then for lunch, I had leftover bolognese over kale, while baby had a piece of that fabulous bread with cheese on it, grapes, and peas. Hungry little bugger! We’ve had some good runs together the last couple days. The first was good because she slept and because I can run 3 miles pushing a jogging stroller without stopping, and the second was a good 2.5 where she was awake and kept looking at me. What’s cuter than that?


So very motivating

So very motivating

Starting to believe I can actually do the halfs that I want to run this fall. I’m going to need to be in shape anyway to keep up with this. Might as well get some races in.

Standing for a solid 17 seconds. We took a video.

Standing for a solid 17 seconds.         We took a video.




I’m so hungry.

My days are spent eating. Meals, snacks, snacks in between snacks. Nursing makes me SO hungry and thirsty. I’ve tried to keep healthy snacks around everywhere but cookies are sneaking their way in.

The last couple weeks have marked another transition to yet another version of normal. Miss Amelia will now play comfortably in her jumperoo for ALMOST long enough for me to get dinner ready.

Momentarily occupied

Momentarily occupied

This is not any specific amount of time. It’s just 5 minutes before everything would be completely finished and ready to eat, she is completely finished and ready to be picked up. Alas, this is better than what it has been. I was able to make Jenna’s Tex Mex Chicken lettuce wraps with one of the best avocados I’ve had in a long time (thank you Trader Joe’s).

photo-4I went for a couple jogs in this frigid March but decided I’d have better luck keeping up with it if I wait for a couple degrees of improvement. (So I tell myself so that it’s not so sad). It didn’t feel amazing, I’m clearly starting from even less than square one, but it did feel great to be out there and moving. I’m really looking forward to the spring. Until running conditions improve, I did accidentally stumble into the grand opening of the new New Balance store and get myself some new tennis shoes for walking and general life events.

I created one of my better pizzas last week with Trader Joe’s pizza crust and sauce with some very browned roasted garlic chicken sausage, fresh mozzarella  and sautéed red onion. Using the pizza stone and having it preheated to about 425 really does make a huge difference in your crust. I don’t bake the crust first, just slide the whole made pizza from a floured pizza peel  onto a pizza stone coated with cornmeal in the oven. I bake at 425 for about 20 minutes or until the crust feels and looks done.photo-5

I did a little bit of baking this week and made the lemon cookies that I love so much and Flour’s cornmeal lime cookies which I had eaten but never made before. I always make the Flour cookbook cookies about half the size that she puts in the recipe. Then I don’t feel so bad about grabbing one, or five, during the day. I love citrus dessert and these are no exception. They’re tangy and a very homey tasting cookie.


Still plugging away on my granny square blanket for Sandy, we’re at 50 squares out of 63 so, close! Now if this baby would just nap…


Growth Spurts

So,  I should probably look up the timing of these growth spurt things so that I don’t get so overwhelmed and surprised when it happens. Then I can prepare by stocking up on Trader Joe’s sea salt and chocolate almonds. Oh and also be a better mother by skipping the confusion period and jumping straight to the acceptance that this will be my life for a couple days…

photo-2a baby that can’t be set down, who develops a temporary but intense stranger anxiety, eats constantly, and only sleeps on mama. At least this nursing pillow arrived so that if I plan it well before the next feeding, I have my hands free to do something like crochet or peruse the new Real Simple.

Anyway, last week, when I said I was going to make those smitten kitchen sausage stuffed potatoes that looked so delightful, well, there were a lot of different cooking steps and temperatures and blah blah blah. It just morphed along as I cooked it and ended up being a spinach, onion and sausage stuffing in a sweet potato. It was almost the filling from the spinach sausage pastry squares that I love so much. I always use precooked italian chicken sausage for those and did for this as well. This would be better if I either used a regular potato with the italian sausage or the sweet potato with a differently seasoned sausage. But basically sautéed onion and chopped up chicken sausage links and added 5oz of frozen spinach with the moisture squeezed out and then added this to a sweet potato that was hollowed out after being softened for about 5 minutes in the microwave.

photo-3Baked the whole thing at 400 for about 15 minutes and then devoured it with a nice green salad. Since then we’ve had Rachael Ray’s butternut squash macaroni and cheese (Crystal reminded me of the recipe), and ordered a pizza :). But tonight, I’ll post if it’s delicious, but another Rachael Ray recipe for “Aussie Meat Pies” that involve puff pastry and ground beef so, how can it not be? Apparently I don’t care about losing this last 10 lbs.

On a separate, totally unrelated note…does anyone understand this long pointed nails trend that I’m seeing around? I hate it. Everyone looks like a witch. I hope it’s a trend that sticks to the Kardashian-osphere.