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Feeding the baby real food has forced me to acknowledge that I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. How can I feed her almost exclusively fruits and vegetables, tell her she’s had enough cheese toast and to eat more peas, and then turn around and eat a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips?

The solution…When she eats, I eat. This involves a lot of sharing. Also, kale under everything is a really good way to add vegetables and a nice flavor to a lot of dishes (think soups, pastas, sauces, etc). Sautéed kale is pretty good on a sandwich too.

So this looked like someone else’s fridge after my trip to Trader Joe’s, and that bag of kale is GONE.

Look at all those vitamins!

Look at all those vitamins!

And in addition to this crap that I got at Russo’s (crap being the best damn sourdough bread on the planet, a baguette, and chocolate cayenne cookies)

Delicious crap I might add.

Delicious crap I might add.

I also got a bunch of kale, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, a mango, and avocado, lemons, limes, and another basil plant. Not because I killed mine, but because I need more basil.

These ingredients made a fabulous panzanella (sans shrimp) last night.




Then for lunch, I had leftover bolognese over kale, while baby had a piece of that fabulous bread with cheese on it, grapes, and peas. Hungry little bugger! We’ve had some good runs together the last couple days. The first was good because she slept and because I can run 3 miles pushing a jogging stroller without stopping, and the second was a good 2.5 where she was awake and kept looking at me. What’s cuter than that?


So very motivating

So very motivating

Starting to believe I can actually do the halfs that I want to run this fall. I’m going to need to be in shape anyway to keep up with this. Might as well get some races in.

Standing for a solid 17 seconds. We took a video.

Standing for a solid 17 seconds.         We took a video.




Things I did today that were good for me


Breakfast of Stonyfield French Vanilla, homemade granola and delicious strawberries.


No, I didn't run. But I think supporting runners is good for me! Inspirational and also it was a really nice day to be outside 🙂

3. Walked a million miles and ran about 8 with Martin.

4. Drank tons of water, water and propel, water and lemon, and just water.

5. Skipping over a lunch of sandwich with onion rings

Dinner of arugula, grape tomatoes and mozzarella dressed with a teeny bit of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. This was after inhaling a plain tart frozen yogurt COVERED in berries after my run (still ok for you.)

6. And a promise that after the Brewers game and some Chamber of Secrets, I will go to bed early. Yay!