Monthly Archives: September 2013

I think it’s fall

Along with the return of cool weather has come a resurgence of cooking interest! Eatingwell had a fantastic issue this month where I’ve made some successful and some not so successful dishes. On the good side, I made a brussel sprout and potato hash that was divine (with a fried egg instead of poaching) and  a hearty, filling, baked potato soup  (with full fat sour cream)…are we sensing a pattern? On the less than wonderful side was a meal with the best of intentions. They had a couple recipes, besides french toast, that are good uses for stale bread. Having a leftover half loaf of a delicious roasted garlic and olive oil loaf that we had had for dinner, I decided that a roasted garlic and leek bread casserole sounded warm and tasty. Let’s start from the beginning…

1) My loaf of bread was covered in mold as a result of the week’s intense, East Coast humidity. Instead of scrapping the idea and using the leeks for something else, I decided to thaw a half loaf of Flour’s focaccia bread that I’d made the previous weekend. Mistake #1. Do not waste delicious, homemade bread on a recipe meant for stale leftover bread.

2) After I thawed the focaccia, I’ve committed to the process, so the fact that I am now reading the recipe and realizing that it’s a side dish isn’t stopping me. Mistake#2. Side dishes are not dinner. I decide that I’m going to add leftover chicken sausage and brats from the night before’s grill out. So I cut up the meat.

3) I should realize that after toasting the bread that this isn’t going to work. It’s a nice, moist, olive oil laden bread that is now soaking up every ounce of milk that it is supposed to be picking up and is crumbling before my very eyes. Now I’m supposed to “squeeze out the excess moisture”? WTF!? Mistake #3. Do not be afraid to abandon a sinking ship and order a pizza. So I try, and then I add the soupy bread to the pan, you all see where this is going at this point…It was a total disaster.

Anyway, Jenna’s blog never lets me down. These salmon sandwiches were amazing. The rub is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy and for lack of a pretzel roll, these onion rolls were delightful.


And then Jon put together her carnitas steak tacos that were super tasty as well. Needless to say, 6 months pregnant and the appetite has returned with a vengeance. Please do not leave me alone with these peanut butter m&ms!!!