Monthly Archives: April 2011

What my husband can do when I’m not here

These my friends, these are spicy chipotle meatballs. These are spicy chipotle meatballs that Jon made while I was at yoga on Monday evening. They were delicious. Since then we’ve made Springtime Minestrone (which I’ve been happily packing in tupperware for lunch, with lemon wedges and parmesan of course) and a lovely night at Tasca, a great tapas place in Brighton. It’s nice that it’s Thursday and I’ve only cooked once this week…minus cookie dough that’s currently resting in my refrigerator. Tonight will be a good night for falafel, my chickpeas are appropriately soaked and ready for the fry.

Also, I love my Kindle and I hope there’s a thunderstorm today.



Easter dinner with friends is a good time for me. Unlike most people, I’m not doing it as a substitute for a big family dinner. As a Jew, this is just a fun thing I get to add to my yearly calendar of holidays. And I get to make pie.

Oh Flour. You’ve done it again. Joanne Chang never lets me down. Her recipes are extremely instructive so that even beginner bakers like myself can follow them without drama but you know that you’re making something delicious. You don’t sacrifice taste for ease of creation.

Besides pie there was a symphony of other delicious foods, everyone brings their specialty.

Crystal and Justin’s amazing pickle wraps, delicious cheeses and crackers, Kari’s “crack bars”, Katherine’s beet salad (my “no thank you” bite turned into a full serving of this avocado-y, red onion and mint concoction). All in all, we outdid “last year’s us” and made a fantastic dinner for 21. And a great way to relieve that 9 mile induced hanger.

More rain.

Dinner tonight.

Dessert tomorrow is in progress.