Lovely Summer Evening

The temperature right now is magical. Sleeping will be bliss after a torturous week of science and stress. Fortunately, I have an incredible support system.

Readers, do you have friends who can tell how something is going to affect you before you’re sure yourself? Who stay up texting you until midnight when you can’t sleep because you’re convinced you messed up something at work? Who tell you on their way from lunch (that you couldn’t make it to because of SCIENCE) that they ate but they can sit with you whenever you’re ready to eat? Who come over and cook dinner with you and watch terrible tv because they know (even though they’d never make you feel burdensome or self pitying), that
your husband being stuck at work until forever is bothering you?

I have one of these. Who shows up at my apartment with a 6 pack of Corona and a lime, ready to dive into whatever cooking project you decided to make for dinner and listen to Gaga in the process.

She will dance until the party is officially over, runs like a champion, and makes a mean homemade Oreo.

Also, we made this

extremely fresh, flavorful taco salad from Gourmet and I know it’s not a great picture but you’re lucky we waited long enough to even take this one.


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