A day in the life of…

Well Holy Crap. It’s 11 am and Miss Amelia has already had 2 costume changes. We’ve had to strip the changing pad and soaked through a burp cloth, the tree branch cutter people are parked directly in front of the house making a TON of barely nap-able noise, the upstairs neighbor has come in and out twice, slamming the door and yelling both times, I spilled an ENTIRE cup of french-press brewed Starbucks Espresso Roast ALL OVER the arm of the couch, my kindle, the side table, the carpet, the wall, and a good chunk of a power strip that fortunately, has things plugged into every slot because this 1920’s house has one freaking outlet per room. Now, I have 2 major problems (aside from a tired baby). 1) There was coffee everywhere that I’m sure I only think is cleaned up all the way and 2) I have to make it through today on one cup of coffee. Or wash the french press…

So, after that rant… I made a dinner I was pretty pleased with last night. I think it could be improved but I was inspired by the Eatingwell recipe that I posted the other day for hash brown/prosciutto cups with baked eggs and modified it to make a prosciutto hash with over easy eggs on top. I just sauteed an onion and then added a couple cups of frozen hash brown and got them sort of crispy, then added 4oz of prosciutto cut in slices and crisped that.


I fried the eggs separately and added them on top at the end.

IMG_3663Ways it could’ve been improved….I always stir my hash browns too much and don’t let them crisp enough. I think shredded carrot would’ve been really yummy with the potatoes. I overcooked the eggs and they didn’t get all runny (the second batch, after I actually burned the first one). I also bought chives and forgot to add them. But overall, it was a very satisfying, quick dinner after I got home from tutoring. I’m looking forward to the leftovers for lunch.


It seems like a chocolate kind of day.




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